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Ultimate Thinking Skills

Ultimate Vocabulary Skills - Book 1 - 600 Descriptive Verbs Using Active Recall

Ultimate Vocabulary Skills - Book 1 - 600 Descriptive Verbs Using Active Recall

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The art of writing is reserved for those looking to excel in the Selective Schools Test, scholarship tests and beyond.  

This book, which descriptive writing vocabulary exercises, is great for:

- students aiming for top marks in the Selective High Schools Test (Writing)

- students aiming to improve their vocabulary to better understand reading and comprehension tasks

- year 4 students all the way to year 12 / final year of high school

- students aspiring to become writers

The ability to paint a vision with words, to inspire and inform, to tell a story, has long been regarded as the most powerful and coveted skill. Presidents, generals, doctors, lawyers, authors and CEOs know the power of words and they know how to wield them. Writing is the most useful skill we have but it is not something you can master overnight. It requires hard work and books like this.

But how can this book help you improve your writing? It contains 600 sentence-based activities, organised under 30 beautifully illustrated themes and settings. Each activity will teach the proper usage of and context behind 600 curated, descriptive verbs, using the active recall method, intentionally adhering to "less is more" and providing clues to maximise long-term memory. Our approach makes using this book far more effective than any alternative.

If you need help, you can find answers and potentially sign up to free lessons on

This is the first book in the UVS series. It is suitable for students & adults, and preludes our educational vocabulary game, WORD RUNNER.

*We reserve the right to cancel lessons and/or refuse entry. These lessons are for year 3 to 10 students who have a copy of this book only. Kindly see full T&Cs on our website.

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