Thinking Skills Workshop 2 (Optional, Free*)

Coming soon in 2024. 


Thinking Skills Workshop 1 (Optional, Free*)

Aim: Learn higher order thinking skills from the book, Ultimate Thinking Skills Selective Test Preparation  

Monday, 23rd January, 2023, 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Suite 1, Level 3, 227 Forest Rd, Hurstville (SIGI Learners)

Entry requirement 1: your child must be in year 6 in 2023.

Entry requirement 2: your child has his/her own copy of Ultimate Thinking Skills

Entry requirement 3: $15 admin fee. Alternatively, you can post a photo of this book to social media and waive the admin fee and secure a spot for Workshop 2 and 3 (not free). 

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The tutor taking the workshop has taught thousands of students, many of whom are now at top ten ranked selective high schools and OC schools. In 2015, one of his students ranked NSW 1st in the Selective Test. In 2021, one of his students scored 100% in the OC Test. 

*Free with the exception of a standard admin fee.

*Register by emailing with your child's name and your mobile number. Your child must have a copy of the book on the day.