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Written by tutors who have helped students excel in the Selective Schools Test & the OC Test:

- score 100% in the new style OC Test (2021), not just in Thinking Skills

- come 1st and 2nd in NSW in the Selective High Schools Test (2015 to 2020)

- score 100% in Thinking Skills and Reading in the new Selective High Schools Test (2020 and 2021)

- achieve 99.95 ATAR in the HSC (2021)

Our team has vast experience in the Selective Schools Test system, Thinking Skills and writing

- head tutors from Sydney's elite tutoring schools

- a senior science and math teacher

- two fifth year medicine students from UNSW, graduates of Sydney Boys High School

- a third year journalism student from Edinburgh University

- a first year psychology student from UNSW

Why use these books for the Selective Schools Test and the OC Test?

Students need challenging and creative questions, not just standard questions, to practise with. Many students who attempted these questions are now in schools like James Ruse High, North Sydney Boys, North Sydney Girls, Sydney Boys, Sydney Girls, Caringbah, St George Girls, and more.

Our students have scored 100% in Thinking Skills in the OC Test and the Selective Schools Test (2020 to 2022). This is significant because Thinking Skills accounts for 35% of the exam, the largest component.

Students make careless mistakes in exams. This book is a stress test.

Thinking Skills as a relatively new subject was and still is a puzzle to many students and parents.